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After Graduation in UK: Next Steps and Career Options

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After Graduation in UK: Next Steps and Career Options

Did you finally wrap up your undergrad after three to four years of gruelling academics? Looking for further education or lost in the graduate job search? Confused about what to do after graduation in the UK? We list down the options for your next steps and career options.

  1. Masters: If you fancy a career in sciences, you may want to follow up your undergrad in the UK with graduate and postgraduate degrees. For instance, further studies in STEM fields would increase your employability. In the United Kingdom, most masters programmes are one-year long. Imperial College, King’s College, and Bristol University are good options for a career in STEM. For humanities students, UCL, LSE and University of Edinburgh are great fits – they’re all interdisciplinary and help you evolve beyond just academia.
  2. A gap year: If you’re still unsure, take a year off to travel after graduation to inspire some personal growth or find freelance opportunities as you go. Take up hobbies that can potentially turn into career options you can use to delve into the job market, and emerge as a stronger professional candidate. A gap year well spent is anything but a waste of time, and can go incredibly far in promoting your career.
  3. Training programmes: Opt for graduate schemes such as internships for recent graduates in the UK or fellowships that would ease you into the workforce, and simplify the graduate job search. Many companies in the UK offer training programmes that span over a year or two and include rotations within the organisation, enabling the graduates to immerse themselves in different fields. These schemes usually culminate in full-time employment.

Though the steps you take now can be formative for your career, remember that the market is vast – and whatever you choose to do after graduation in the UK, all that matters is that you’re able to derive satisfaction out of your career in the long – term. Good luck!

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