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A Simple Guide to Studying Abroad For Pakistani Students


A Simple Guide to Studying Abroad For Pakistani Students

Studying abroad is no simple feat – gathering requisite documents, engaging in international travel tedium, actually garnering admission into your institution of choice – it’s a journey of burgeoning independence, of unprecedented freedom and self learning, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it! 

So, how do you go about even approaching this process to study abroad?

First step, pick your core destinations. It’s best to try your luck across the globe (don’t worry about affordability yet, there’s plenty of time to figure that out) – doing this maximises your chances. But even as you keep your sights set wide, have some core destinations in mind, and give all that you can to your applications herein. If you’re an emerging economist to whom living in the heart of London appeals, put all your energy into your applications to places such as LSE, UCL, Kings! If you’re a Pakistani student to whom China, in all its urban glamour and opportunity, and neighbourly convenience appeals – try your hand at Shanghai University or the Asia Europe Business School! Make a list of your countries, and further categorise them according to your universities – and let the application process begin. 

Thus embark on an ensuing deep dive – into university websites, programs, faculty profiles, and research opportunities. The more you know, the better capacitated you are to make a decision that benefits your future. Check the admission and eligibility requirements religiously – even the slightest slip up can cost you more than you know! Ensure you meet all language proficiency requirements, and create a google drive, or an assemblance wherein all your documentation is consolidated! 

Then comes – perhaps the most important part – and that which bears the greatest hindrance to most students. Finances. Look for scholarships, and grants, and insistently press your institution to grant you the greatest amount of aid possible. These universities have endowments in millions, do not hesitate to ask them for what you’re entitled to as a prospective student! Look out for jobs – big or small, that can help you cover accommodation, food, travel and insurance. Be as stingy as possible in constructing your budget – it is within this structure that you’ll have the greatest freedom, and greatest mobility.

Ensure your visa process is on track – make sure you’re updated with the visa requirements of your chosen country via their website or consulate office. And ensure everything is planned smoothly for when you actually get there – your housing is booked (preferably at a place where commute costs are minimal) and your transition to a new environment is seamless! 

And of course – once you’re there, soak in every second of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Open your eyes beyond textbooks, try local cuisines and attend cultural events and immerse yourself in your newfound global network. From here, the sky’s the limit.